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Young. Dynamic. Strong.
Our team is international and consists of different talents. We implement your very personal design project promptly and professionally.

designbomb CEO

Founder of designbomb

Passionate freelance media designer since 2010

Marketing Manager (offline / online)

Aylin is responsible for ensuring that our products are seen across Germany. | Project: VEVIMO

Sales Manager Expansion

Timur has been an integral part of the designbomb team since 2018.

Timur brings fresh ideas into the company and helps the growth of our subsidiary brands.

designbomb Freelancer

designbomb Extern
Freelancer / graphic design

Our team of external professional graphic designers designs your desired product. Until you are satisfied with the end result!

Your order is our mission. Your product will be professionally designed and processed.
We are only satisfied when you are. That is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

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